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Consignment FAQ's

What is consignment with VFCA?

Consigning your items with VFCA is the process of removing your unwanted, authentic luxury branded and designer handbags, shoes, clothing and accessories and selling them via VFCA.

In doing this, you are cashing-in your designer items quickly and efficiently whilst providing new life to pre-loved, quality pieces that are no longer getting the love and attention they deserve.

VFCA offers our customers a complete consignment service. You can choose to send your luxury and designer clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories to us (at our cost), or we can arrange an appointment for drop off or to pick up your items.

We also offer extended in house private appointments to consult with you on which items are suitable for consignment. This is particularly useful if you prefer the privacy of your own home, are generally time poor or you have a number of items requiring consignment.

Once we receive your items, they will be authenticated, photographed and priced (in consultation with you). This process generally takes 10 -15 days. Items that are deemed inauthentic, are not on our Designers List, or are not in sellable condition will be returned at the consignors expense.

Contact us to make an appointment.

How do you price the items?

VFCA sets prices based on designer brand, condition and age of the item and current market demand. Remember, VFCA earns more when you earn more, so you can trust us to price the items at the highest, most appropriate re-sale value.

What fees does VFCA charge?

75% $4001 and over
70% $2001 - $4000
60% $201 - $2000
50% All items with a net sale price of $200 or less

The above fees are the only fees charged when entering into an agreement to consign**. We do not charge listing fees for consigning your items. The net sale price is the price the item was sold for.

Please remember that if an item is submitted to VFCA for acceptance and is found to be inauthentic, the customer will incur the cost of returning the goods, as well as an $85 administration fee.

Which designer labels do you accept?

For a full list of currently accepted designers, please visit our Designers page here. If you do not see the brand you’re after, please contact us to determine suitability. We are always on the look out for quality made designer and luxury brands.

How do I get paid?

Unlike other consignment stores who process payments monthly, VFCA processes payments immediately. You can nominate your preferred bank account for deposit, alternatively you can be paid in site credit to shop the VFCA new and pre-loved range. If you choose this option, we will happily offer you an additional 5%.

How does VFCA grade an items’ condition?

VFCA grades the condition of our items as follows:

Pristine - Items show no signs of wear and come with tags and / or original packaging.

Excellent - Items are in perfect condition however tags are not attached. Jewellery and accessories may show extremely superficial signs of wear.

Very Good - Shoes may show light scuff marks, clothing may show light snagging or minimal signs of wear. Jewellery and accessories may show light marks.

Good - Items may show more visible signs of wear, softening of leathers, handbags may have worn corners, tarnishing of hardware or residue stains, clothing may show more prominent wear.

VFCA inspects each item carefully and guarantees the quality of the item and it’s condition.

Many items come with original tags, boxes, authenticity cards and dust bags. When these are available, these will be mentioned in the product description.

Consigned items must be free of major stains and smells. Please speak to us about our refurbishment services.

How can I be sure of authenticity?

VFCA only accepts completely authentic items on consignment. VFCA honours the luxury and designer brands we sell and therefore stands strongly against supporting a counterfeit market. Each item is expertly and individually authenticated by our list of preferred and highly regarded authenticators. Additional to this, VFCA puts our money where our mouth is, and offers a 100% money back guarantee on all of our items with relation to authenticity.

What payment plan arrangements can be made when purchasing from VFCA?

VFCA provides our customers with an array of flexible and convenient payment choices including ZipPay, AfterPay and even LayBuy.

We also provide you with the opportunity to exchange your items directly for store credit.

Additionally, if you are looking to sell an item directly to VFCA, please contact us for a discussion. This may be a suitable option if you would like an expedited, fast and easy payment for your items. 

What happens at the end of the consignment time-frame?

All consignment agreements adhere to a minimum 90-day consignment time frame. After this period of time, you can choose to either discount your items, have them remain in the store as originally priced, have them donated to charity or have them returned to you (at your cost). Please remember that it is our goal to sell your items as quickly and efficiently as possible, and therefore items are priced to sell at the time of listing. VFCA sets the highest and fairest price point depending on the items’ condition and market demand.

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