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NASOMATTO 'SILVER MUSK' - extrait de parfum


Designer: Nasomatto


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"This bottle of perfume is part of the project Nasomatto. The fragrance aims to evoke superhero magnetism. It is the result of a quest for mercurial liquid love sensation."

SILVER MUSK - Clean, calm, soft, comforting, soothing and sensual. It's there, but not there. Suitable for men and women. 

This fragrance is designed to smell like your skin, but better. A comforting, clean and soft scent that lasts very very well. 

Silver Musk is a molecule scent with various, very high quality musk molecules. 

The lid is a made from Walnut Wood which is said to teach us clarity and focus and evokes the wise use of our mental gifts.

VFCA says: This fragrance is a unisex fragrance. It reminds me of the comforting crispness of fresh sheets. I suggest spraying only once, as this scent will be strong initially, then over an hour or two fade and settle nicely into the skin.

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