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NASOMATTO 'HINDU GRASS' - extrait de parfum


Designer: Nasomatto

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"This bottle of perfume is part of the project Nasomatto. The fragrance aims to breathe the belief in universal peace and love. It is the result of a quest for the warm affection of humanity."

HINDU GRASS - Dry, earthy, herbal, fresh, grassy, featuring five different types of patchouli oil.

This is the scent of Freedom, Sensuality and Love.

Hindu Grass is a pure Patchouli fragrance with 5 different types of pure patchouli oil only.

Patchouli in it’s pure form is very expensive and most perfumer’s fragrances on the market use Patchouli essence, a synthetic type of patchouli. In Hindu Grass, you have the natural oils of five different types of patchouli.

Hindu Grass is peaceful, serene and calming. It is all about the 70’s, Woodstock, John Lennon & Yoko ono. This fragrance also takes on an Asian spiritual influence. 

If you could be at Woodstock today sifting through the crowds, you would most probably smell patchouli everywhere.

The lid of Hindu Grass is made from Iroko wood which is believed to have supernatural properties.

VFCA says: This fragrance is a perfectly balanced unisex fragrance uniting the masculine and the feminine. It is spiritual and meditative. It feels luxuriously fresh and light. As with the entire Nasomatto range it is incredibly unique and unlike any fragrance we have come across. 

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