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NASOMATTO 'ABSINTH' extrait de parfum


Designer: Nasomatto


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This bottle of perfume is a part of project Nasomatto. It is a result of a quest to stimulate misbehaviour and is all about having fun."

ABSINTH - Warm, chocolatey, resinous, earthy and spicy. Absinth contains a generous amount of quality Vetiver.

Alessandro’s inspiration for Absinth came from when he was a young adult. He would have Absinth parties with his friends, or 'green fairy parties' where they would consume Absinth which contained a substance called Thujone (pronounced Tujonè).

When you smell or drink Thujone, it makes you giggle.

This scent is all about having fun and misbehaving and channeling the good times.

The lid is made from Olive wood – which is said to offer insight, inspiration, and aids communication.

VFCA says: This is a unisex fragrance. As this fragrance settles on the skin, you will experience sweet notes of chocolate, cinnamon and spice. 

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