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Last month, various Australian designers proudly flew the ethical flag for our country, standing collectively at the forefront of Fashion Revolution Week 2018. Australian-based favourites’ included the likes of Manning CartellBianca Spender and Viktoria & Woods. 

Each designer supported the slow fashion cause; mutually distancing their brands from the unethical and unsustainable supply chain practices disreputably linked to the fast fashion outlets growing more and more popular as the rest remain silent. 

The Slow Fashion Movement...

It’s the buzzword of the moment, so what defines ‘slow fashion’? 

Put simply, slow fashion is the total opposite of fast fashion. Valuing quality over quantity, it’s about being aware as well as smarter about what we wear, where we shop and how we choose to spend our money. 

This is where the role of the consumer comes into play, and why it is vital that we begin grooming up on our spending habits and stop sweeping unprincipled fast fashion practices under the rug.  

The role of the consumer...

We can all support slow fashion simply by adapting smarter spending methods – this means holding a little more value on the clothes we buy  (whilst saving money in the long run) a win/win, right?

Along with smarter spending habits, the role of a conscious consumer means knowing exactly what we’re buying into... have you ever wondered, ‘who made my clothes’?

Baptist World Aid Ethical Clothing Australia rates clothing brands from a D- to A+. This is a good indicator to which brands value ethical and sustainable clothing practices, versus those needing considerable improving. 

As slow fashion enthusiasts, with the concept of ethical practices and sustainability in mind, we are grateful for events like Fashion Revolution Week. 

VFCA's full support will continue to be directed toward the sustainable fashion initiatives as well as the designers who are doing the right thing; we want to put ethical and sustainable designer fashion firmly and permanently on the map. 

We invite you to support a changing industry, by shopping the best of both ‘new and pre-loved’ pieces, available honourably via VFCA. 


Georgia is a freelance fashion writer, digital content creator and designer fashion lover from Perth. A collector of vintage fashion magazines, Georgia is drawn to the historical roots of designer clothing and the luxury fashion market, whilst endlessly inspired by the ever-changing industry, modern developments in technology and new innovations in sustainable business practices.

Away from VFCA, Georgia runs a fashion-networking business, @fashionnetworker – promoting local events, job opportunities and sharing insider advice to support and inspire a community of like-minded fashion enthusiasts throughout Australia.  Connect with Georgia via Instagram: @gfels_

Photo by Vonecia Carswell on Unsplash

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