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I’ve always moved through life at around the same speed that the earth hurtles itself around the sun, or approximately sixty seven thousand miles an hour and somehow managed to remain fairly composed. I enjoy life at a speedy pace. However, occasionally I admit that I’m the girl that frantically looks for her phone while holding it.

So when it came to investing in a beautiful, timeless Chanel handbag I was a little concerned as to how it would survive so perfectly in my care for a lifetime.

I had long, long ago made up my mind. The Boy was the one for me. It was a matter of considering the finer details. Whilst hardware choice, size and colour are of course important considerations, the real decision making came down to leather choice.

How was I to choose the right leather for my investment?

And, an investment it was.

Did you know Chanel handbags have increased in value more than “70% in the last five years”, according to an article published in last years Harpers Bazaar. And provided you are able to keep your baby in great condition, a Chanel handbag whether preloved or new, particularly the Chanel classic flap bag or the ever-popular boy bag, will retain it’s value.

That same article noted “that 70% increase is more favourable than the US property market”.

(As if we need further justification).

So what are the options?

Whilst Chanel makes a number of bags in a variety of beautiful quality leathers including lambskin, deer, goat and python, various types of calfskin, and more, it came down to a choice between two for me.

Lambskin is gorgeous and extremely popular, super soft and luxurious to touch, as a Chanel bag should be. It ages gracefully and retains it’s beautiful aesthetic over time. If, however you’re as heavy-handed as I am or you are planning on using your Chanel bag as an every day bag, then caviar (also known as ‘grained calfskin’) may be a more suitable option.

Caviar has a beautiful grainy texture, the leather feels thick, strong and sturdy and is very difficult to scratch. Additionally, correct storage of your Chanel bag is imperative when your end goal is to maintain it’s condition and subsequent value for as long as possible.

For me, ‘Ms Anti-Fast-Fashion’, the purchase was about owning a piece I could use, and wear, love and respect for a lifetime.

I’d love to know what style of Chanel bag you’ve popped on your Christmas wish-list this year?


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